Audiofix imports Spendor loudspeakers from the UK. Spendor is still hand built using their own drive units made on the premises at the Spendor factory Hailsham, East Sussex.

The new D7 Spendor is here! (19-02-2013) Initial listening indicates an amazingly lifelike midrange with high levels of resolution but typical Spendor listenability. How do they couple Hi Rez with naturalness...? I do not know. Waiting for them to run in. Ful review next week. PS. Stunning premium finish is....stunning!!

Click for full info, specs and pics of the Spendor S3/5r. The small but quite amazing sounding S3/5R2.


HiFi Choice R2 rev

The Absolute Sound

HiFi Choice Best Buy

What Hi F


HFC Gold Award

Click for full info, specs and pics of the Spendor SA1. The new D1 replace the most successful small speaker Spendor may have ever produced - the SA1. Expanding upon it's virtues the D1 is more extended in the bottom end and plays a bit faster and offers more resolution.


Click for full info, specs and pics of the Spendor A5. A new affordable way to get into Spendor in a floorstander. Same high standard of genuine made in England build quality, same lovely sound. Ideal for smaller spaces.


HiFi Plus

Click for full info, specs and pics of the Spendor A5. In Australia the best seller from the whole Spendor range has been for many years the A5. The new A5r offers more headroom and slightly more 'zing' in the upper mid and treble. It has been carefully and subtly revised in a number of other areas as well making it a very special speaker at an affordable price.


Click for full specs on the Spendor A6. The A6r replaces the bigger brother to the A5. If you need more volume, deeper bass look here. A terrific allrounder.


The brand spanking new D7. Read my listening notes here on this loudspeaker that sets new standards for resolution but doesn't do away with the typical Spendor naturalness.


$8499pr in Premium 'Spendor Dark'

Click for full specs on the Spendor A9.

The new award winning A9. As good a bass quality as you can buy at any price, coupled with typically Spendor natural midrange. This a genuinely high resolution loudspeaker though. A step forward for Spendor.


WHF Temptations

HiFi + Best!

HiFi +

HiFi Critic

HiFi World

What HiFi Awards

Click for full specs on the Spendor ST. The ST1. The best!


HiFi World

Click for full specs on the Spendor C5e. The CR3 centre speaker is the same size as the S3/5R2 but turned on its side and altered to suit. Please note - Ignore picture to the left. Looks like a S3/5R on its side.


Click for full specs on the Spendor SP3/1r. The SP3/1R2


Click for full specs on the Spendor SP2/3r. The SP2 is one of my favourite Spendor models due to the fact that its so damn pleasant to listen to and now in new 'r' guise the SP2/3R2 is a more modern, sensitive speaker that retains all of the previous models charm.


HiFi Choice

Click for full specs on the Spendor SP1/2r. The new SP1/2R2 like its smaller cousins has been recently improved and is now smack up to date with its new 'r' badge. Perhaps the smoothest operator in the Spendor range.


The Absolute Sound

Click for full specs on the Spendor SP100r. Due to significant price increases from the UK and of course freight etc the SP100R2 is now a rather expensive loudspeaker but what a speaker! Easily the most wonderful, earthy and realistic midrange of any dynamic speaker on the planet backed up by a high resolution top end and sizable but well controlled 12" bottom end.


HiFi+ R2

What HiF R2


What HiFi

All Spendor loudspeakers carry a full five year parts and labour warranty. At Audiofix we take that a step further and include the cost of a technician calling to your home or the cost of return freight if necessary in that same warranty.

All external finishes are luxurious real wood veneer finishes. ST and SA1 are also finished in high gloss lacquer.

Some prices have been adjusted slightly recently to reflect price increases from the factory, BUT we have kept most at the same price for many years. The excellent exchange rate has of course helped. Buy now while the rate is in your favour! :-)


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Tasmania -

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