Audiofix electronics audio stereo hifi repairs and sales shop in Warana, Qld, Australia

Audiofix specialises in the repair and sale of high quality audio equipment. Spendor, Naim, Cambridge, Neat, Pioneer, Rega turntables and Elac speakers are just a few of the famous names that Audiofix stocks and sells.

Bob Wilson HiFi Gladstone store circa 1985

In 1978 I visited a Local Home Show, during which I was exposed to HiFi equipment via "Bob Wilson's HiFi". Bob had a small stand cluttered with interesting pieces of real HiFi, such as Lux, Rotel, Cerwin Vega, Rogers etc. I was in love...

Andrew Hutchison of Audiofix on the front page of the News Mail in 1980

The following year I was introduced to amateur radio and my interest in the more technical aspects of electronics was ignited.

Bob Willsons HiFi in Bundaberg Mecca for music and audio enthusiasts in the 70s and 80s

Early 1982 saw me gaining a "Radio and TV Mechanic" apprenticeship and I passed out of that four years later as a tradesman. A tradesman that knew a whole lot less than he thought...I also worked part time for Bob during these years. Hi-Fi selling was great fun back then....Agh the good old days!

Andrew Hutchison is a fully qualified audio technician currently owns and runs Audiofix Warana Queensland Australia

A stint working with a very talented tech on the Gold Coast for less than a year netted me more knowledge than I had gained in the previous four years.

Andrew Hutchison has been retailing HiFi gear etc since the 1980s

After a short period at managing a repair shop I started my own in 1988. I ran APH electronics for 2 years and when I purchased Bob Wilson's HiFi I rolled them into one business.

Audiofix has a demonstration room with gear connected up ready to demo.

Fast forward to 2002 and I felt an urge to extend my interests into wholesaling HiFi so started importing the marvelous speakers from Spendor in the UK. Perfect timing as Philip Swift had just taken over. We have worked together to pursue professional representation of these fantastic loudspeakers in Australia ever since.

Audiofix opened in 2006 to offer affordable repairs and sales of stereo equipment in Queensland.

Twelve years ago (2006) I opened Audiofix to cater for music and HiFi fans who wanted their quality equipment fixed properly at a sensible price. I also stocked a range of good value for money quality audio gear including products from Naim, Rega, Spendor, Elac, Cambridge etc. I have continued this till today but also now with a full range of turntables and record players.

Follow me through the Italian Alps on a guided self drive tour - Euro Drive Experience

When I can sneak away from HiFi I enjoy the amazing scenery and roads of the Italian and Swiss Alps. Cheaper than you think with a Euro Drive Experience. Unsubtle plug for my sideline!

In my time in retail of stereo gear I have had the pleasure of selling many premium brands such as Rega, Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha, Sony, NAD, Rotel, Classe Audio, Martin Logan, Mission, B&W, Ortofon, Onkyo, Integra, Magnapan, Orpheus, Richter, Quad, Duntech, Van Den Hul, Luxman, Rogers, Spendor, ProAc, Aragon, Cyrus, Audiolab, Monitor Audio, Paradigm, Boston Acoustics, Naim, Niles, TOA, AKG, Sonance, Kef, JBL, Harman Kardon, Straightwire, Acarion Systems, Bose (yes thats right, Bose?), and a dozen others...

Pic of Tri Pod Car designed by Andrew Hutchison from Audiofix
400kgs with 200 Kawasaki horsepower at the rear wheel. Fun fun fun!

Along the way my car and bike disease got a little out of hand when I designed and developed a three wheeled car I dubbed the Tri Pod. Tri Pod Cars began selling kits and some fully completed vehicles in late 2012 after 6 odd years of design and construction of the prototype. Fully developed and 25 chassis later I have now sold the busines to concentrate full time again on sound equipment sales and repairs.

Andrew Hutchison from Audiofix has been involved with HiFi stereo systems since 1982

Andrew Hutchison (pictured) has been involved with HiFi stereo systems professionally since 1982. A short history appears to the left of this dodgy looking photo (above).

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