Audiofix specialises in the repair and sale of high quality audio equipment. Spendor, Naim, Scansonic, Neat are just a few of the famous high end names that Audiofix repairs or sells.
Q. What kind of audio gear do you fix at Audiofix?

A. Almost anything.! Anything from Pioneer, Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon, Sony, Integra, Harman Kardon, NAD, Rotel, Arcam, Krell, Naim, Musical Fidelity, Quad, Linn, Cyrus, Spendor, KEF, B&W , Audiolab etc etc is almost always repairable.

Q. So you won't fix my Teac 3 in 1, midi system thing?

A. Mmmm, well actually we will and quite happily, but like all jobs booked in at most repair shops these days we will charge you a quote fee which varies dependant upon the likely amount of labour to fault find your equipment. Our charges vary between $45 and $165. The Teac system in question would attract a charge of $95 for a quote. This quote fee would be deducted from the quoted price of repair as a deposit if the repair goes ahead.

Q. What about TV's, DVD players and toasters?

A. Aghh, no toasters allowed but many of the better Plasma, LCD and Projectors are worth fixing so bring them in. All TV's carry a quote fee of $165 but as mentioned above this fee is in affect a deposit against the total price of repair if the set is fixed. If the set is not repaired then the $165 helps to cover our costs for labour and parts used to establish the fault and in turn cost of repair. DVD recorders, players and Bluray players etc can be fixed. The quote fee is $95.

Q. Home Theatre?

A. I have spent many years designing and installing premium home cinema systems but these days I am happy to stick to the repair of the hardware. After all there are many home theatre installers on the Sunshine Coast and I am happy to let them crawl around in roof's running cable.

Q. Does Audiofix have much to do with good old stereo?

A. Absolutely! Excellent two channel sound is my first love and Audiofix actually has in stock for demo some of the finest two channel stereo equipment available. Drop in for a listen to the likes of Spendor loudspeakers and Naim , Cambridge Audio and Rega amplifiers and CD players. You will have never heard music sound so absolutely gorgeous and you will realise straight away why many people still just listen to music and optimise their system for music rather than boom boom sound effects! We also have a range of Rega turntables in stock.

Q. Who owns Audiofix

A. Andrew Hutchison. (me) He is also the tech, hifi demo guy and floor sweeper. Andrew has been involved with audio since the late seventies. He has been a qualified tech for 29 years and just loves 'audio.

Q. Does Audiofix any brands that are under warranty?

A. Yes! Denon, NAD, Naim, Spendor, Rega, Sugden, REL, Anthem and PSB.

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