Audiofix - What is involved with getting a repair carried out?.

What do we repair?

Audiofix repairs and services all good quality HiFi equipment from brands such as Pioneer, Onkyo, Yamaha, Marantz, Naim, Musical Fidelity, Cyrus etc etc. Tape decks, record players, speakers, tuners, receivers, power amplifiers, pre amplifiers, integrated amps, the lot! We don't tend to repair old all in one 'stereogram' type units though and we no longer do very old tube gear only the newer ones such as Audio Research, Prima Luna etc.

How much?

Audiofix charges a fee to book your job in which in turn is deducted from the total cost of a repair. This fee is usually $95 inc GST for most types of equipment. If say we quote you $195 for the repair once we have had a look and fault found the issue, the $95 would be deducted and $100 would be payable upon pick up of the completed repair. If for whatever reason the equipment cannot be repaired (through lack of parts or too time consuming fault finding process etc) then the $95 payment is retained by Audiofix to help offset the time taken to discuss it with the client, book the job in, carry out the actual fault finding and discussing the outcome.

How long?

The vast majority of repairs booked in at Audiofix will be at least started on within 3 - 5 days. Fault finding difficulties (intermittant faults, tricky faults etc) and parts supply delays can cause some jobs to take a week or two to be completed. Most repairs though are in and out of Audiofix within the week. If you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and don't wish to drive up with your repair call Audiofix for details on wholesale rate freighting options. All repairs carry a 6 month warranty. This obviously only applies to the actual fault repaired, not whole machine.

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